Howard Kahn sitting at the grand piano in Kitley House, PlymouthHoward Kahn is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and composer from Bedford. Primarily a Pianist, he has been performing live for over twenty years as well as constantly writing music in many different styles. Some of his orchestral works have been recorded and performed in Bedford. Now based in Plymouth, whilst recording his first album, Howard can be spotted all over the Southwest playing solo and with a number of different groups.

“Howard is all at once a incredible technical player, charming performer and a true artist. One of a kind, Howard takes you into his musical world with his acclaimed skills as a writer and arranger and his lovely and quirky repertoire choice. As if this wasn’t enough, Howard’s unique selling point lies not just in his skill, delivery and professionalism, but in his natural warmth, easy personality and friendly way.” – Rosie Corlett

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